Zuu is a web framework for the backend! Written in TypeScript and running on the NodeJS platform, it inspires beautiful and declarative code!

It aims at providing the developer with all the tools needed to make a very powerful app using mainly declarative code. Just tell the framework what to do and when… don’t worry about how it’s done. It’s mainly oriented on the API pattern but it can also do MVC.

It’s based arround a powerful reflection API (@zuu/mirror) written to acomodate the new Metadata API is ESNext and the Decorators that TypeScript provides early access to!

The core components of Zuu are: 1) CLI 2) Mirror: Powerful reflection API for typescript 3) Vet: Comon components (DI, Configuration, Runtime management, Event bus and more) 4) Mink: Routing and serving 5) Ferret: ORM (fork of typeorm) 6) Owl: Nightly juicy add-on for Mink that provides GraphQL bindings

See more info about each down below. Also check the repo’s packages directory for detailed information!

Quick start

To install:

$ npm install --global @zuu/cli

To create a new project:

$ zuu new simple my-project
$ cd my-project
$ npm install

To run the project:

$ npm run compile
$ npm start

Want to contribute?

Here’s how!